3 Day Juice Cleanse

I haven’t edited this yet…I’m too hungry to see straight.

So, where do I start with a juice cleanse? Sort of like the SF pick-up line, “You’re like green juice. I want you, but I don’t know why,” I decided I wanted to do a juice cleanse. I would like to think I was trying something healthy, but it was really a motivator to prepare myself to slip into a bikini for Mexico.

I already eat really healthy as it is (for the most part anyway). I am one of those weirdos who does not like sweets. I don’t drink soda or eat fast food. Once it was removed from my diet, I was disgusted by it. I love raw food and I also love burritos. I thought a 5 day cleanse was too intense. Plus, that is 5 days that I am not eating lunch and dinner socializing with friends. 1 day juice cleanse just seemed a little to weak sauce for me, so I went with 3.

The first day is great. I have 6 different juices per day, and they are BIG. They are sometimes hard to finish. I was consuming more nutrients and much more often than I usually do. By the second day, I just started having cravings. I wasn’t hungry though – it was all in my mind. I also, surprisingly, did not have withdrawal from coffee. I wanted coffee and I missed my coffee shop, but I didn’t actually need it. Some afternoons I began to get a headache, but as soon as I had a juice, it went away.

I am now on day 3, juice 3. Kind of when you’re watching a show S01E3, I was on D3J3, and I wanted food so bad! A burrito, a salad, some salmon, a spoonful of peanut butter….ANYTHING! “Can I consume all my juices, then eat?” So many questions to bend the rules were going through my mind. I went grocery shopping (bad idea) to have something edible as soon as I awoke. And now I am sitting here thinking of all the delicious meals I can make, but have to wait until tomorrow. I cannot tell you whether or not the juice cleanse was worth it – maybe when I have had a meal or three, but right now I am in a burrito trance and cannot remember why I needed to look good in a bikini anyway.


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