Nike Women Marathon 2013

I scheduled my shoulder to happen after the Nike Women’s Marathon where I completed the half marathon. It was very important for me to continue this race, and get as much cardio in as possible before possibility being couch bound for 6 weeks.

Here are some photos from the Nike Women’s Marathon and some pre-training photos as well. #werunsf always.


Here is the view from training. Training in SF consists of hills both ways.


Training in SF also means beautiful parks and lakes.


Trying to beat my PR of 2:12


Sweat is liquid awesome as a perfect motivator at the NWM Expo



Finally finished the NWM 1/2 at 2:12 – met my PR right on the nose. I’ll get it next time!

P.S. Don’t forget to donate to the cause:

❤ Ash


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